Earth Month Challenge:

  1. Post photo with a tree and include #ThinkEarth
  2. Tag and challenge your friends to the same

Mosaic Of People helping Earth.

This April #ThinkEarth 

This April #ThinkEarth 

This April #ThinkEarth 

This April #ThinkEarth 

This April #ThinkEarth 

This April #ThinkEarth 

Up for a challenge?

Trees do so much for us. They clean the air, cool our homes, and they’re just a beautiful sight in our everyday lives. So why not pose with one?

This year for Earth Month, we want you to show your appreciation to trees with a hug. You don’t really appreciate them until you give them a hug.

Post a photo of you hugging your tree on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ThinkEarth to be part of a gorgeous mosaic in support of Earth Month. Don’t forget to tag your friends and challenge them too.

Be part of the movement today!

There are a lot of great people here at home and everywhere that are taking positive steps to help the environment.

All of their efforts are worth to be highlighted and together we will help global warming.
This is also a learning opportunity for others to see what others are doing.

For the whole month of April, we want to highlight the effort and calling it Earth Month.
We are building a mosaic to showcase all the different efforts and highlight that they have a place to help earth.

How are you helping the environment and earth?

We need to hear about your actions of how you are helping earth and think about earth. We want to thank you and include your action into a big green Earth Month mosaic.

Let us know in your own way are helping earth:

We want to hear about your actions and thank you!


It is super simple to be part of the mosaic:

On Twitter:

  • Post photo to twitter with hashtag #thinkearth

On Instagram:

  • Post photo on Instagram with hashtag #thinkearth

We will reply to your tweet and also send you a personalized link to the mosaic.

Our actions might feel small on any given day, but they add up over a lifetime. Let’s make sure our choices today allow us to leave our children a better world tomorrow.

Councillor ChahalCity of Calgary

It is important to think about earth and take care of our planet, not just during Earth Month, but everyday. We need to keep it healthy and clean so our younger generation can enjoy our plant for years to come.

Don MitchellMayor - City of Whitby

With over 11.5 million trees, Toronto has one of the densest urban tree canopies in the world. It's essential we protect our urban forest, because when our tree canopy thrives, Toronto is a healthier and more liveable city. Together, small changes can make a big difference.

Jaye RobinsonCouncillor, Ward 15 - Don Valley West | Chair, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)

Whether you agree or disagree about climate change, it's the RIGHT thing to do

Eric MegarityCouncillor, Ward 6 - South Devon, Barkers Point and Lower St. Mary's

A healthy environment is important to all of us so every day we should think about earth. Planting trees, walking more, using public Transit, recycling and reusing is just some of the ways we can all help.

Allan HubleyCouncillor Kanata South - Chair of the Transit Commission

Proud of work that many people have done to help the environment. Their great work has inspired others and created the ripple effect

Roozbeh Farhadi

About this campaign:

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  • We will remove any inappropriate or unfit images from the mosaic.
  • You can contact us to suggest removal of an image from the mosaic.
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